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World Chamber of Commerce Directory 2016
It lists 13,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. Information given includes name of Chamber of Commerce, address, phone/fax numbers, email, website, name of executive director, etc.
2016, US$299.50  

World Trade Promotion Organizations Directory
2015 2015, 126pp, US$39.50, pdf  


African Business Directory 2014
2014, 79pp, US$39.50, pdf  

Namibia Trade Directory 2015
2015, 253pp, UD$99.50, pdf  

Nigerian Exporters Directory 2014
2014, 78pp, US$39.95, pdf  

Zimbabwe Trade Directory 2015
2015, 180pp, US$79.50, pdf  


Cuba Foreign Investment Guide 2014
2014, 116pp, US$59.50, pdf  

Peru's Business & Investment Guide 2014/15
2015, 192pp, US$99.50, pdf  

Asia & Pacific

Afghanistan Business Directory 2014
2014, 382pp, US$99.50  

ASEAN Outstanding SMEs Directory 2015
2015, 232pp, US$99.50, pdf  

Cambodia Business Directory - 2013
2013, 61pp, US$29.95, pdf  

Hong Kong Directory of Trade & Industrial Organizations 2015
2015, 358pp, US$199.50
Lists 382 organizations, giving information on organization name, address, tel/fax numbers, year of establishment, number of members, names of executives.  

Malaysian Top 1000 Companies Directory
2014, 141pp, US$79.95, pdf  

Pakistan Trade Directory 2014
2014, 36pp, US$19.95, pdf  

Philippine Exporters Directory 2015
2015, 133pp, UD$59.50, pdf  

Qatar's Exporters Directory 2013
2013, 81pp, UD$59.95, pdf  

Italian companies in Hong Kong & Macau 2013
2013, 95pp  

Irish to China Companies Directory 2012
2012, 104pp, UDS55.90  


Polish Business Directory 2012/13
2013, 65pp, US$39.50, pdf  

Turkey Top 1000 Exporters Directory 2013
2013, 168pp, US$99.95, pdf  

Norway in Malaysia Business Directory 2015
2015, 85pp, US$39.95  

Middle East  

Iranian Business Directory 2015, 44pp, US$19.50, pdf