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Business Data International (BDI) is specializing in business and professional information services for international business. Well known for its up-to-date and authoritative reference books, BDI publishes and distributes industrial directories, yearbooks, market reports and mailing lists in both print and ebook. We take pride in knowing that our data has helped countless individuals and organizations achieve their goals year after year. Now we strive to continue to deliver the highest quality data available on the market today.

BDI’s Directories data is heavily relied upon for various purposes, including:

 • market research
 • sales prospecting
 • identifying key executive contacts & decision makers
 • building direct mail campaigns
 • gaining deeper competitive intelligence
 • locating new suppliers

BDI’s Directories data is widely used by a broad spectrum of industries and organizations, corporate and reference libraries, government agencies and economic development offices worldwide.

BDI’s Directories helps facilitate difficult business connections you need to succeed in your line of work – whether commercial or non-profit, professional or academic.

Let BDI’s Directories’ high quality data help you achieve your goals on time.