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China Abrasives Directory 2015 (English Ed.)
It Lists 1,200 abrasive enterprises in China, including manufacturers of corundum, silicon carbide, grinding tools and wheels, polishing products, raw materials and so on. Information given includes enterprise name, address, contact persons, tel&fax numbers, year of establishment, number of employees, email & URLs if applicable, product lines, etc.
2015, 356pp, ebook or hardcopy US$199.50; both US$299.50, ISBN: 978-0-9939657-1-5.

China Aviation Directory 2018 (English Ed.)
It covers an overview on China's aviation industry and all leading organization and enterprises, including governmental agencies, societies and associations, airlines, airports, national corporations, manufacturers, aeronautical research institutes, universities, trade & professional corporations, space business, aviation hospitals, industrial parks, air shows, and foreign companies in China. The information given includes company name, names and titles of key persons, description on company history and current situation, technical strength, product lines, intention of cooperation, and contact details (address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and websites). It also provides a key word index.
2018, 416pp, ebook or hardcopy US$199.50; both US$299.50 (including P&H), ISBN: 978-0-9939657-3-9.

Chinese Biotechnology Directory 2016 (English Ed.)
As there has been much progress in biotechnology R&D, particularly in functional genomics, in China in recent years, this fifth edition was expanded, updated and revised completely, compared to the previous edition. It contains most up-to-date and accurate information. It was also divided into three parts. The first part contains an overview on China's biotechnology, including government policy, science base, bioindustry, technology transfer, information resources, intellectual property and regulation environment. The second part lists all government agencies and societies involved in biotechnology. The third part lists over 1,000 research institutes, university departments, and companies, as well as foreign companies' representative offices in China. It gives information on the organization's name, address, tel/telex/fax numbers, some email or websites of its first kind, activities and services offered with an index. Appendices contain China's laws and regulations related to biotechnology and pharmaceutical.
2016, 320pp, US$199.95

China Maritime Directory 2016 (English Ed.) New!
It contains the most up-to-date information on more than 6,000 maritime companies and institutions in China. The industry fields listed include shipbuilding & shiprepair, marine equipment and materials, shipping and logistics, shipowners, survey of ship, tradeing and intermediary service, research and design institutes, education and training, associations, news and publishers, maritime law institutions, administrations, etc. Each entry contains the company’s name, address, phone & fax numbers, email & URL, and description of business scope. It also provides a key word index.
2016, 659pp, ebook or hardcopy US$199.50; both US$299.50, ISBN: 978-0-9733166-4-3

China Shipbuilding Industry Directory 2016 (English Ed.) New!
It covers about 2,370 companies within the shipbuilding industry throughout China. The industry fields listed include shipbuilding & ship repair, yacht and lifesaving equipment, marine equipment and materials, trading and intermediary service, research and design institutes, education and training, associations, news and publications, as well as survey of ship. Each entry contains the company’s name, address, phone & fax numbers, email & URL, and business scope.
2016, 362pp, ebook or hardcopy US$199.50; both US$299.50, ISBN: 978-0-9733166-5-0

China Leather Directory 2015  (English Ed.) New!
It covers about 1,300 companies within the leather industry throughout China. The industry fields listed include tanning, leather shoes & sport shoes, leather garment, fur, leather goods, leather chemicals, leather and shoe machinery, research institutes, trading companies, publishing and training, and associations. Each entry contains the company’s name, contact person, address, phone & fax numbers, email & URL, and product lines.
2015, 328pp, ebook or hardcopy US$199.50; both US$299.50

China Refractory Directory 2016 (English Ed.)
Lists 2,184 leading refractory enterprises in China. Information given includes the enterprise name, name of director, full address, phone and fax numbers, email, website, description, qualification of quality system, and product lines.
2016, 339pp, ebook or hardcopy US$199.95; both US$299.95, ISBN: 978-0-9733166-3-6

China Ceramic Directory 2016 (English Ed.) New!
Completely revised and updated compared to previous edition, this edition lists about 1,400 leading ceramic and pottery enterprises, research institutes, associations, importers & exporters. It covers daily used ceramics, porcelain products, sanitary ceramics, building ceramics, tiles, electroceramics, refractories, technical and industrial ceramics, ceramic raw materials, equipment and machines as well as publications. It gives information on the organization's name, address, tel/fax number, emails & URLs, name of director, registered capital, number of employees, history, production capacity, main products. An appendix lists about 30 websites on ceramic industry in China. A classification index is also included.
2016, 351pp, ebook or hardcopy US$199.95; both US$299.95, ISBN 978-0-9733166-2-9

Directory of China’s Foreign Trade Enterprises 2008 (English-Chinese)
Compiled by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCIC). This edition provides updated and accurate information on more than 10,000 import and export companies, manufacturers permitted to engage in international trade. Information given includes company name, address, contact person, phone/fax numbers, email and web sites, description. It was arranged in such industrial categories as textile & garment, medicine & healthcare, mineral & chemical industry, machinery & electronics, food & animal industries, light industry, general trading, automobiles & motorcycles and parts, culture industry, exhibitions, foreign services, etc.
2008, 743pp, US$199.95

TLC Atlas of Chinese Crude Drugs in Chinese Pharmacopoeia (English Ed.)
Compiled by Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, TLC Atlas Of Chinese Crude Drugs In Chinese Pharmacopoeia includes color photographs of superb quality demonstrating chromatograms of all Chinese crude drugs in Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005. The atlas will be a useful reference for analyzing Chinese crude drugs, identifying unknown drugs or monitoring the purity or constituents of a given drug. All drugs presented meet the standard of the official pharmacopoeia and originate from well-defined sources. With this guide the technique of thin layer chromatography can be easily used without previous pharmacognostic training. Only commercially available equipment and reagents are needed, the sources as well as all practical details are given.
2009, 306pp, hardcover US$199.95

Pharmacopoeia of The People's Republic of China 2010 (English Edition)
Compiled by the Pharmacopoeia, Commission of the Ministry of Public Health, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, an official English translation of its Chinese version, is a national code of standards for the quality of drugs. It consists of technical specifications on drug quality for the implementation of China’s Drug Administration Law. According to regulations by the China’s State Drug Administration, the quality of any imported drugs must conform with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. This fifth edition, as compared with its preceding English edition (2000), was expanded and revised greatly. In this 2010 edition, the total number of monograph is 4,567 in three volumes. Volume I contains 1146 monographs, with 154 new admissions and 453 revised; Volume II covers 1967 monographs, with 327 new admissions and 522 revised; Volume III contains 101 monographs, with 44 new antibiotics, biochemicals, radiopharmaceuticals, biological products, for the first time, gene engineered medicine, new drugs are included in this volume. Modern analytical techniques are adopted extensively for the tests of drugs and new preparations were added. Information given includes the standards of purity, description, test, dosage, precaution, storage, and the strength for each drug.
2011, 3 Vols, hardcover, US$1199.00, ISBN: 9787506750134.

Directory of Medical Device Companies in China 2015 (English Ed.)
Lists about 1,000 leading medical device and equipment companies in China. It gives latest information on company name, address, tel/fax numbers, email/website addresses if applicable, business activity, product lines, number of employees, annual turnover.
2015, 310pp, US$199.00

Almanac of China's Finance and Banking 2007 (English Ed.)
Contains nine chapters, including reform and developments; international finance and international exchanges in finance; economy and finance in regions; documents and regulations; statistics and subject surveys; events and profiles of major financial organizations; etc.
2007, hardcover US$299.50

China Statistical Yearbook of High Technology Industry 2007 (English-Chinese)
Contains 6 chapters, including production, marketing and technical activities in major hi-tech companies, employment in hi-tech companies; capital investment; exports in hi-tech industries, as well as international comparison, etc.
2007, 42pp, hardcover US$199.50

China Capital Markets Development Report (English-Chinese)
Compiled by China Securities Regulatory Commission, it contains four chapters, including brief review of the development of China's capital markets; important capital markets policies and reforms in recent years; the challenges facing China's capital markets; and China's capital markets: strategies and prospects.
2008, 301pp, hardcover US$199.50

China Energy Statistical Yearbook 2007 (English-Chinese)
Contains 8 parts, including overview; energy construction; production of energy; balance table of naational energy; energy consumption; balance table of regional energy; data on energy in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, etc.
2008, 288pp, US$199.50

China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2008 (English-Chinese) New!
It contains statistical data on environment in all provinces since 2006 and major data on environment in all country. It contains ten chapters, including general survey, freshwater environment, marine environment, atmospheric environment, solid wastes, eco-environment, natural disasters, investment in the treatment of environmental pollution, urban environment, rural environment. Appendix contains major environment indicators by eastern, central and western China, main environmental indicators of the world's major countries and regions, main environmental indicators, the main pollutants emission indicators communique of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipality directly under the central government in the first half of 2008, explanatory notes on main statistical indicators.
2008, 248pp, US$99.50

China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2008 (Chinese-English)
Compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, this yearbook provides comprehensive statistical data on domestic trade, external economic cooperation and trade, and international travel in China. It contains eight chapters, including general survey, domestic trade, foreign trade, foreign investment, international income and payment, external economic cooperation, travel, and profiles of enterprises.
2008, US$199.50

China Rubber Market Yearbook 2007 (English Ed.)
Covers current status and developments in China’s rubber markets; major rubber and related markets; current status and developments in major provinces; technical achievements; imports & exports; statistical data; list of members of China Rubber Industry Association, etc.
2007, US$299.95

China Statistical Yearbook 2013 (English-Chinese)
Contains 24 chapters and 2 appendices, giving comprehensive statistical data on every aspect of China’s economic and social development in 2004. Its contents include administrative divisions and natural resources; general survey; population; employment and wage; investment in fixed assets; public finance; prices; people's livelihood; agriculture; industries; energy and production materials; transportation; postal & telecommunication services; construction; domestic trade; foreign trade and tourism; banking and insurance; city development; education; science; patents and culture; sports; health-care; social welfare, major social and economic indicators in Hong Kong.
2014, hardcover 1096pp, US$199.50, ISBN: 9787503766930