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Web Data Extraction Service

This service takes unstructured data from html web pages and converts them into structured records. It is fast and convenient.

Just send us your needs in detail. You will receive structured data you required (either in database record or text file).

We can also customize the solution for your specific needs.

Custom publishing

Do you ever think publishing your manuscript as a professional looking book? With print on-demand technologies, you’ll be amazed how inexpensive publishing can be – and how easily and quickly your work can get published. Authors, poets, educators, business leaders, nonprofits – anyone can be a published writer. Novel or nature guide, manual or memoir, children’s book or textbook, conference proceedings or seminar/course books, photo book or calendar; BDI can make your high quality publications your own.
- Each publication gets its own ISBN
- Choose your format, choose your size – hey, it’s your book!
- Perfect bound, saddle stitch, coils; put yourself in the ideal bind

Most importantly, Forget inventory - your book can be printed from one to thousands copies on demand.

How easy is it to publish your book? Just send your files and you’ll be on your way.

Not only can BDI help you create a high-quality book, we can also provide editorial, design, printing, advertising sales, collections and distribution services that are custom-designed to meet your needs.


BDI has established a network of about 100 experts and translators throughout China. It can translate technical and non-technical documents from and into Chinese. It has translated the Special Chinese Edition for a few industrial newsletters such as Metal Bulletin Monthly (Metal Bulletin PLC, UK).